Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

3D Vision fix for Skyrim Special Edition, which uses a DirectX 11 renderer. Made by masterotaku and DJ-RK. It was possible to do thanks to the 3Dmigoto developers.

Download link v7 (7z):
Download link v7 (zip):

Links updated on 2016-12-04.


- Updated 3Dmigoto to 1.2.50. It solves an issue with the dll.

- Added another fixed water shader.
- Updated 3Dmigoto to the 1.2.49 version. That means that importing a profile isn't needed anymore. Fake 3D is disabled by default.

- Added another shader to the bloom toggle (bloom lens flares).
- Changed the HUD on/off hotkey to "k" instead of "l", to not interfere with the map.
- Changed the SLI compatibility bits in the profile.


- Shadows.
- Water.
- Snow particles on surfaces.
- Skybox (clouds, sun, moon, stars, etc).
- God rays (mostly. Imperfections can be noticed at extremely high convergence settings).

Not fixed

- Screen space reflections. Although they aren't too bad.


1- Unzip the contents of the fix in the root folder of the game ("Skyrim Special Edition").
2- Launch the game.
3- Once you are ingame, configure convergente to your liking, using the F1 hotkey or doing it manually.


- "F1": four convergence presets. Change them in "d3dx.ini" if you don't like them.
- "F2": HUD depth presets.
- "F3": bloom on/off. Not disabled by default.
- "F4": fog on/off. Not disabled by default and not intended to be disabled.
- "y": blood on screen effect. Not disabled by default.
- "v": HUD X axis curvature presets. 0 by default. The other values are 1 and -1.
- "b": HUD Y axis curvature presets. 0 by default. The other values are 1 and -1.
- "n": general HUD curvature setting. Curvature is disabled by default.
- ".": autocrosshair by DJ-RK, but this time as a hotkey. Disabled by default (it can interfere with some menus).
- "k": HUD on/off. It's on by default. It will disable all menus, letters, cursors, etc.

Recommended settings

Screen space reflections work mostly OK for ground surfaces and will make nice 3D reflections, but you will notice that on walls and other surfaces they won't be accurate. It they annoy you or you need more GPU performance, disable them in the game launcher options.


Q: Does this work with mods?
A: This fix has been tested with the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch ( and also with and without some graphical mods, like Realistic Water Two ( I have also tried texture mods, which don't modify any shaders and shouldn't give any problems.

Q: There are too many hotkeys! They interfere with my custom binds or console commands. Can I disable some of them or change their key?
A: Yes. Open the "d3dx.ini" file and search the hotkey you want to delete or change. The sections are "[Key1]", "[Key2]" and so on. Delete them and the lines below them, or edit the "Key = " line. I have included descriptions so you will know which is which. You can also change the default value of variables. It's above the hotkeys section.

Q: X effect is broken since Y game update or Z essential mod. How can I let you know?
A: It's probably best if you post in this thread ( rather than in this blog post. But feel free to post here. I'll try to check often.


  1. thank you masterotaku and DJ-RK !

  2. Very very cool. Thanks to both masterotaku and DJ-RK for this! This is one of those games that are awesome in 3D!

  3. Hi,
    great work, to get the 3d vision working, but the 3D effects are not very flat and barley notable.
    It would be fantastic if we get the 3d feeling as weel as in the standard version of skyrim.

  4. It's the same effect as in normal Skyrim if everything is working properly. If you're seeing something else, you probably have 3D compatibility mode on. If you press F1 ingame and only see some shadows moving, you need to disable compatibility mode.

    "6- Launch the game and disable Compatibility Mode (ctrl+alt+F11 unless you had changed the hotkey). You need to have the advanced 3D Vision hotkeys enabled for that."

    Thanks for the fix guys!

  5. Is this compatible with the Vorpx Virtual reality driver ?

    If not, is it possible to work together, that the dll's will be compatible for both wrapper ?

    best regards FR3D

    1. Not possible. Underlying stereo code is completely different.

  6. Installation Step 2. There is no file nvdrssel.bin on my system
    Installation Step 3. Sure SLI profile is necessary for 3D Vision?
    Installation Step 4. changed file won't be imported
    Installation Step 5. After not changing the SLI profile and unzipping the files, the game crashes and the system reboots

    what do i need to do, to play in 3D?

    1. The only question I'll answer is about step 2. The first time I ever did this process I had the same problem, and it turned out I was looking in the "Program FILES" folder instead of the "ProgramDATA" folder. Might want to make sure you're in the correct place.

    2. Importing the profile is 100% necessary. Or else the game will be totally broken in 3D.

      Remember that even just exporting the profiles will completely delete your custom Nvidia Inspector profiles and settings. Make sure to backup everything in a ".nip" file and import it again after you have dealt with the SLI profile.

      About the bin file, what DJ-RK said. I don't have more ideas.

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  7. the map doesn't work then the pause menu disappears and i cant quit but everything else works fine :(

    1. If you press L for local map / world map, the hud will disappear. Just press L again to get it back.

      To disable the hotkey open d3dx.ini and change this:
      Key = l

      to this:
      ;Key = l

    2. sorry i realized this after i commented lol, is there any way to get it to work with reshade?

    3. I couldn't get it to work with reshade but enb works if you load 3Dmigoto's dll through enb's proxylibrary function.

    4. Sorry about that "l" hotkey. I realized it was in use by the game recently. You can change it to another key if you want.

    5. how do i load it first sorry i don't understand could you show me a step by step? if thats okay

    6. 3Dmigoto + ENB:

      1) Extract 3dfix zip or 7z to your Skyrim Special Edition folder

      2) Rename 3Dmigoto's d3d11.dll to d3d11.dll3d

      3) Extract your favorite enb's archive to your Skyrim Special Edition folder. It's better to look for an enb preset that doesn't use Reshade. If your enb uses ReShade, you'll have to delete dxgi.dll and you'll lose all the color corrections etc. that were done through ReShade.

      4) Edit enblocal.ini and add/change these lines:

      5) Start the game normally

    7. Thank you! it worked :D

    8. This worked great using NMM as a mod manager, but doesn't work at all trying to start it with Mod Organizer 2. Game barely starts loading on desktop, quick black flash and back to desktop. I've asked on the Nexus download site that has the latest new MO2 download (came out on Christmas), but I'm afraid the answer's going to be that MO2 already uses a proxy library to do its magic and you can't do more than one the way everything's built now?

      If only there were a way... Helix3D + ENB is fantastic, but MO2 is FAR superior to NMM in how it installs mods, which to do properly can require hundreds of mods, and load order is critical. Wonder if the upcoming Vortex mod manager will be able to do Helix3D+ENB Sigh. I was planning to do a detailed modding guide specific to 3D vision too. If someone here could help make Skyrim SE MO2+Helixmod fixes+ENB work, maybe just by making room for another proxy library, or a merged Helixpatch-ENB? If anyone'd be interested in that, so far my best 3D+ENB results have been with NAT (Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel Stand Alone v0.4.2) using its own ENB (NAT Enhancer 0.2 (ENB)) under optional files. The others I tried were Re-Engaged for Vivid Weathers and NAT, and Sin Xtreme Realism ENB v325 for both.

    9. @Qwinn: There are actually multiple ways to do proxy loading. 3Dmigoto supports a proxy load of a different d3d11.dll library at the same time. If we are named d3d11.dll we load first, then daisy-chain to whatever you specify in the d3dx.ini file. Note that HelixMod(dx9) is not the same as 3Dmigoto(dx11). This SpecialEdition fix is also DX11, not DX9 like the original.

      If the ModOrganizer2 supports proxy loading, they can be first, and call us in the daisy-chain. Some orders work better than others, and it depends upon the game too.

      Experiment with those proxy loading commands and see if you can get what you are looking for.

    10. bo3b: Thanks tons for your help. I just tried the following in d3dx.ini:


      Failed to load the game in the exact same way as when I tried to have the enb call the 3d fix. I added:


      Also tried various combinations of the ;allow parameters. No change.

      Any other recommendations?

    11. I regretfully wound up going back to NMM to get 3d+ENB working (it is fantastic tho). Out of curiosity I tried using the d3dx.ini file to set up the proxy, and it didn't work under MMM either. Seems like the d3dx.ini proxy settings aren't functional at all for me.

    12. Sorry, that MMM should've been NMM.

      Since it's also affecting me in NMM, seems like I need to ask here for help. Running Windows 10 Pro, Version 1709, OS Build 16299.192 (latest release). Very stable system. Using SKSE64, renamed SkyrimSE.exe and running launcher to enable Steam Overlay, but I'm willing to give up the overlay if it gets me 3D+ENB. Reversing the rename change didn't make calling a proxy from dx3d.ini functional though.

      Is anyone else able to call a d3d11 proxy from dx3d.ini right now, under any circumstance? Could you please post the relevant bits from dx3d.ini if so?

    13. Sorry, really not sure about current level of support here, I don't personally have any experience with proxy loading because my life is already hard enough.

      Take a look at our log file to see what might be happening. We log any and all important events like this. In d3dx.ini set the calls=1. If nothing seems helpful, adding debug=1 will really spew. Take a look at the d3d11_log.txt file generated and look for the proxy load sequence. If we are getting errors, we'll report them.

    14. Ok cool, thanks lots bo3b. It's funny, I actually have everything working now, 3d fixes + ENB + Steam Overlay + even MSI Afterburner overlay if I want it! The only thing missing is that I can only do it with NMM, can't use MO2. A shame, MO2 is infinitely superior in every other way, but 3D + ENB is so gorgeous It's worth the price. I'll check out the logs next time I do something major that makes me take things apart.

    15. Hi bo3b,

      Well, NMM imploded on me today and wiped out a month's work of mod installation. Not happy.

      I tried with calls=1. Is this the relevant bit?

      *** D3D11 DLL successfully initialized. ***

      trying to chain load C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\d3d11enb.dll
      Hooked_CreateDXGIFactory called with riid: IDXGIFactory
      calling original CreateDXGIFactory API
      CreateDXGIFactory returned factory = 000002816A8BC140, result = 0
      HackerDXGIFactory::QueryInterface(class HackerDXGIFactory@000002816A8B6FF0) called with IID: IDXGIFactory2
      returns E_NOINTERFACE as error for IDXGIFactory2.
      HackerDXGIFactory::EnumAdapters(class HackerDXGIFactory@000002816A8B6FF0) adapter 0 requested
      created HackerDXGIAdapter wrapper = 000002816A8B72C0 of 000002824975FBB0
      returns result = 0
      HackerDXGIAdapter::EnumOutputs(class HackerDXGIAdapter@000002816A8B72C0) called: output #0 requested
      returns result = 0, handle = 00000282495BD6E0

      After that, the following repeats itself several hundred times:

      *** D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain called with
      pAdapter = 000002816A8B72C0
      Flags = 0x20
      pFeatureLevels = 0
      FeatureLevels = 0
      pSwapChainDesc = 000000F2F22F8BF0
      ppSwapChain = 00007FF7ADCBE500
      ppDevice = 00007FF7ADCBE4D8
      pFeatureLevel = 0x9100
      ppImmediateContext = 00007FF7ADCBE4E0
      ->Feature level null, defaults to D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0.
      Windowed = 0
      Width = 2560
      Height = 1440
      Refresh rate = 59.951000

      The last one of the hundred or so repetitions is truncated about halfway through, so looks like it never got to actually finish the log.

      Thanks huge for any help you can provide in deciphering this.

    16. For the record, I gave the same thing a shot in NMM, and the log output was identical. I never did get this proxy call working with either NMM or MO2, actually. Only thing I ever got working was the enb calling the 3d fix, and only in NMM.

    17. Tried with:

      allow_create_device=2 and allow_create_device=1. Output seemed to be mostly the same in both cases. This is what I got with setting it to 1:

      *** D3D11 DLL successfully initialized. ***

      trying to chain load C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\d3d11enb.dll
      Hooked_CreateDXGIFactory called with riid: IDXGIFactory
      calling original CreateDXGIFactory API
      CreateDXGIFactory returned factory = 0000014281AA81E0, result = 0
      HackerDXGIFactory::QueryInterface(class HackerDXGIFactory@0000014281954420) called with IID: IDXGIFactory2
      returns E_NOINTERFACE as error for IDXGIFactory2.
      HackerDXGIFactory::EnumAdapters(class HackerDXGIFactory@0000014281954420) adapter 0 requested
      created HackerDXGIAdapter wrapper = 00000142819548A0 of 00000142F9A6EA60
      returns result = 0
      HackerDXGIAdapter::EnumOutputs(class HackerDXGIAdapter@00000142819548A0) called: output #0 requested
      returns result = 0, handle = 00000142F9884450

  8. is there any way to get this working with a reshade?

  9. I'm getting flickering when I open the UI also if I have Godrays enabled and fxx?.

  10. when pressing f6 it increases the depth of everything and i like alot of depth but in first person my weapons are too close and start to see double is there any way to keep them the same but have everything else in full depth?

    1. Use the F1 hotkey to switch the convergence preset. There are two presets that are perfectly playable, and another that is made for 3rd person.

  11. I am getting a LOT of flickering and ghost images running SLI (dual 980 gti). Any ideas?

    1. Same here, whether 3D mode is enabled or disabled after applying the fix here.

    2. I got it fixed and I have the same setup. I do not know exactly what fixed it tho. The changes made were to the Nvidia profile in the Nvidia control panel.

      I changed Texture filtering - negative lod bias to clamp
      Texture filtering - quality to high quality
      changed power mgmnt nide to max performance
      multi-display to single monitor
      Antialiasing mode - OFF
      antialiasing gamma correction off
      anistropic filtering 16x

      I have no idea which setting fixed it but those were changed and it worked immediately after.

    3. But i think the scaling is bad because i get better performance with single gpu.

  12. The 3d works. Is it normal to have some crashes when running the game in 3D Vision? What am I doing wrong?

  13. i have diverse dragons mod enabled and certain dragons have a black line going through them when 3d is active is there a way to fix this?

    1. I have that mod installed, and I didn't notice anything weird about Alduin during the intro sequence, although maybe that's because it's a scripted event. I haven't played up until I actually fought my first dragon yet to know if it works there too.

      However, with that said, I understand that Bethseda games are all about being modded up the wazoo, but we can't be expected to troubleshoot and modify the 3D fix for every mod out there. If it was something absolutely critical that everyone uses, like when SkyUI gets released if that needed some tweaking to some HUD shaders then I could definitely see myself or masterotaku working to maintain compatibility with that, but there's potentially going to be way too many mods that may break the fix for us to have to worry about each and every one of them, so for me I gotta set the boundary right away (because if I help someone with one mod, then I gotta help everyone, right?)... I can't really speak for masterotaku to know if he's on the same page as me on this, but as far as I'm concerned I'd have to say sorry but you're on your own there friend.

    2. that's okay i understand its only a couple of them when it happens i think the eldergleem dragon and the ice dragon all the others it doesn't seem to happen so its okay
      and thank you for this fix! it looks amazing i feel like im there :D lol!

    3. It looks like a cool mod. I'm downloading it now and I'll look at the issue. If you have a save file where one of the bugged dragons appear, it would save me some time. I'm not far from the beggining of the game story wise, so there aren't dragons yet for me.

    4. yeah its a really good mod so many different dragons i see a new one each time but i think its only 2 dragons which cause the bug but i havnt seen all of the dragons so there could be more and how would i get this save file to you?

    5. The save files are in the "C:\Users\YourWindowsUserHere\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves" folder. Upload the relevant save file somewhere.

  14. "
    Ted ConnerNovember 23, 2016 at 6:28 PM
    I got it fixed and I have the same setup. I do not know exactly what fixed it tho. The changes made were to the Nvidia profile in the Nvidia control panel.

    I changed Texture filtering - negative lod bias to clamp
    Texture filtering - quality to high quality
    changed power mgmnt nide to max performance
    multi-display to single monitor
    Antialiasing mode - OFF
    antialiasing gamma correction off
    anistropic filtering 16x

    I have no idea which setting fixed it but those were changed and it worked immediately after. "

    The first thing I tried was changing settings lie you in NV control panel.

    Its Godrays turned on and any aa in the first box where it says disabled best performance.
    Turn Godrays off aa off in the first setting option flickering goes.
    Except when ypu bring up the UI.
    Its annoying I want to play with Godrays and aa.
    I dont know if its the new drivers or what but something's going on.

    1. Ok so after a few hours of messing around.
      I have sli 1080s.
      Disabling sli completely gets rid of the flickering issue and it looks great with other 70 mods.
      Gpu usage like 90-99%.
      Changing sli bits in profile inspector to 0x080020f45 (dark souls 11,ark, survival evolved etc gives a framerate boost to 60 and higher sli gpu usage but still cant use Godrays and AA.
      Sli enabled gpu usage is like 50-60% each gpu but frame rates drop to like 40s.
      CPU no problem low usage.
      Flickering like crazy.
      Disable Godrays and antianalizing in skyrim launcher no flickering in game just in UI.
      So id say this fix hasn't been tested for sli or else I have no idea.
      It looks jaggy and old without Godrays and AA enabled in skyrim launcher.
      Yet single gpu is really pushed hard with 4k textures etc.
      Id really like to run sli with no graphic or performance issues.
      I know nvidia isnt much help but an updated fix for sli would be awesome.


    2. I'll tell ya what. If you want to go ahead and send me another GTX 980 Ti (or your 2 1080's... I promise I'll return them ;) ), I'll gladly do all sorts of testing for SLI. Odds are, I won't be able to do anything to fix it because that's almost certainly a DRIVER related issue, but at least then we could say we "tested" it just for you and your SLI needs. /sarcasm

  15. Oh, we have got already fix for that SE, great! :) Thank you! :)

  16. Lol I wish 🙃.
    I went from 780 sli and waited 3 years to upgrade and its probably my last.
    So the we fix fixes all the flickering with TAA on looks perfect.
    Problem now is im getting like 35-45 fps all over the map :(.
    Sli gpu usage is like 55-58% on both cards.
    Sli off usqge 99% same frame rate.
    I tested this with mods on and off same result.
    CPU usage is fine under 30% on all cores threads. 6700k.
    Tried all various fps fixes from google but no luck.
    Have no idea where to go from here im out of ideas.

    1. What are your draw distance settings? Mine are like this:

      I now get more fps where I was CPU limited previously (60fps where I got 45fps before). I have an i5 4670K at 4.3GHz, for reference. Grass distance has a low fps impact compared to the other settings, and the lack of grass is more obvious that the other things at a low settings.

  17. I installed the mod correctly, followed the exact steps, except I have one problem, which also originally plagued the original Skyrim; On shadows I see some shadows in one eye and not the other. This really hurts my eyes when looking through both eyes at the same time and is a distraction to immersion. I must have done something wrong, but went over the steps many times and can't find the problem.

    1. One eye problems are usually driver and/or profile related. Make sure it's working correctly without the fix installed, with regard to one-eye problems. Use DDU to reinstall your driver, make sure to add the profile found in the fix, then test that to be sure it's working first.

    2. Ok did all installed my driver. I updated to driver version to v376.19 on my GTX970. I added the profile found in the fix with Geforce profile manager....and same thing going on. I have two different shadows casting in different eyes. I have the 3d vision fix v7, and Compatibility mode is off as well.

  18. "masterotaku"

    I have everything maxed draw distance etc.
    I just lowered everything in that category to just test but it makes no difference.
    Its strange last night I deleted all my mods I had 110 of them.
    Started the game was getting a solid 60fps.
    but I think I had the iVSyncPresentInterval=0 tweak on in the prefs.ini.
    I was getting some screen tearing so I deleted the .ini files in the skyrim folder in my docs regenerated them game detected and loaded the same max settings loaded the game then was down to 50fps.
    Plus drops.
    As before this I couldn't drop under 60fps.
    I was going to start enabling mods to find out which ones caus fps problems.
    Now I have literally spent all day trying to get it back where it was.
    Reinstalled the game many times changed ssd drives vsync on off .ini vsync etc.
    My gpu's don't break 60% usage cpu is a 6700K at 4.6ghz running around 30% usage.
    all cores don't go over 50%.
    Tried different drivers NVidia control centre settings everything I can think of.
    Just wonder what setting I had in those two .ini files that I no longer have that made a difference.
    Tried unlocking the framerate then capping it through NVidia inspector and also RTSS doesn't do anything.
    Just so frustrating I'm kicking myself even tried a system restore but couldn't go back before I had it working.

    1. We have been looking into an SLI only problem, that happens on high resolutions. Are you running 1440p or greater, maybe using DSR? Possibly a problem with the TB/SBS mode.

      See this:

    2. Thanks "bo3b"
      Nope I'm running at 1080p. 120hz monitor.
      if I ram some DRS down its throat my GPU's don't increase there usage basically does nothing.
      Just checking that link now.
      Have some catching up to do.
      A few weeks ago I found a page on reddit that was similar.
      But non related to 3D vision just sli issues.
      People used the Dark souls 2 ARK survival evolved Alone in the dark sli bits profile and I tried it framerates and usage increased dramatically.
      It's just it causes flickering and with TAA on its broken just like it was running SLI before the last fix was released which fixed the flickering in SLI.
      It's like if that SLI bits profile was implemented instead of killing floor 2 Katzilla etc.
      Framerates and usage in SLI would be a lot better.
      No matter what settings I try in Nvidia control panel .ini files reinstalling the game formatting ssd drive old/new drivers my game sits on 49fps once I leave the cart at the start of the game.
      Inside the cave its all good at 60fps.
      As soon as I enter skyrim fps just drop to 35-45 all over the place.
      I have given up the last couple of days as I have pretty much tried everything 10x lol.
      Thanks again for suggestions.

    3. I cant workout anything in that thread I can do :(.

    4. With compatibility mode on I get a solid 60fps with only 30% gpu usage on both cards.
      Is Nvidia ever going to bring out an sli profile?.
      I just cant work out why I cant get a solid 60fps in non compatibility mode.
      So frustrating.

  19. Help! Tried to install v6 into Skyrim dir, got a prompt if okay to install, had a dll error. Installed v7 successful. Trying different convergence presets in game by F1, then I alt tabbed and now everything in 3d, I mean Every game, test 3d stereo, 3d pictures is double vision/Ghosting HOW can I Fix This? I uninstalled with a clean install of Nvidia drivers to 376.09. Before, every game, Tomb raider 2013, Alien Iso, Mad max was Perfect now Double vision/ghosting. Help.

    1. I Found the solution! I have the asus rog swift monitor pg278q, I unplugged power cord for half a minute, connected it and all the double vision and ghosting is gone! Back to playing, wonder if it will happen again?

  20. OMG! Finally you did it ! Skyrim in its full Glory with shadows on grass ! Thanks a ton guys ! Cheers

  21. seems like the files are corrupted.. The zip files have 0 Bytes :-(

    1. Works fine here. Just tested both links using Chrome.

      Something on your system is damaging the download. Most likely overly aggressive anti-virus software.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Hi,
    I also would like to very much thank the authors for this fix.

    I just have one question, does for you guys work the Steam Overlay? For me not and I tried everything I could find to fix it without success.

    But curious is, that if I launch the game from Skyrim Performance Monitor 64 with enabled setting "Attempt Support for Custom D3D11.dll" it works!

    Any help appreciated. Thx.


  24. Many thanks also by my side. The results are incredible! Great work!

    I am using this to stream to my smartphone in the HMD (I modified one of the shader to have right proportion and it works, but I am not sure this is the best way).
    I also use 3 PSmove controllers to have a totally standing wireless experience (using PSMove service and a homemade FreePie script).

    You can find more here:!topic/psmoveservice/wuZfCMAk-dk
    and my "strange" video to show positional tracking emulation here:

    Thanks again

  25. Just found out that Skyrim SE can't be played in 3D Vision and SLI together, going single GPU it works. I wonder if there are settings to remedy that..seems to no avail thus far. FPS are in 30s when using SLi, without 50-60

    1. I am playing high resolution in 1440p.

  26. This was working perfectly for me. Now with 3D on, after an Nvidia driver update, my menu shows up in the middle of the screen and, in game, all I get are trees, sky and water textures. With 3D off, all is good. I'm sure this is a config problem, I just don't know what to fix. Anyone?

  27. I am having no luck at all. Tried all combinations of: with/without SLI, Framerate cap, G-SYNC on/off, Steam overlay on/off. Nothing is rendering with 3D vision enabled. The tell-tell sign --> There is no Skyrim logo or fog at the main menu. In-game only renders trees, shrubs, sky.

    In addition, I had the same issue as Old Spice above and his fix worked. "I have the asus rog swift monitor pg278q, I unplugged power cord for half a minute, connected it and all the double vision and ghosting is gone!"

    Either GeForce experience is messing with settings or something else is amiss.

    1. Start without the fix installed at all, and make sure it renders using 3D Vision. g-sync and 3D Vision are mutually exclusive, so make sure g-sync is off, and 3D Vision is on.

      It sounds like you are not getting 3D at all to start with, so simplifying a bit is the way to figure out what's going on. Make sure that it is using full-screen mode. Windowed and windowed-fullscreen cannot do 3D.

    2. Thank you for the advice. Your recommendation to take a look at the install led me to my bonehead mistake... I unpacked the fix's folder not the contents of the folder to the game root. Once properly installed, everything rendered correctly... but the ghosting was back for my rog swift pg278q...

      Again Old Spice's power cycle fixed the issue and the game is running great! Thanks all.

  28. Just wanted to give you my huge respect for doing these fixes! I mean what would the 3d community do without you? seriously you are the guys that keep me away from selling my 3d vision kit. I LOVE YOU

  29. I have an issue that has not come up before the Nvidia 388 driver release; when I try to use 3d vision in Skyrim Se, I get big red letters that say "Attempting to use sterioscopic 3d in non sterio mode. Try switching to an acceptable mode". Also etverything on screen is very shakey. I did not have this issue just a few days ago. The helix mod was working fine. I tried to roll back the driver, but the problem percisted. Also tried an uninstall and reinstall of skyrim se. All other games work fine.

    1. Try the 385 driver branch instead. The 388 branch seems to be full of bugs. Known to break VR with stutter, for example. Probably you are also using the FCU of Win10, which is causing a lot of problems. Best bet if you'd rather play, instead of debug problems, don't upgrade to the bleeding edge. At least for me, there is absolutely zero on the bleeding edge that is more interesting than 3D. YMMV.

    2. So I have discovered the culprit. After googling furiously, uninstalling drivers with DDU, and reinstalling previous versions of drivers all the way back to 378, and basically going insane, I calmly walked away. I went through all of my 66 games on Steam, and discovered I was having the same issue with 3d initializing with about a quarter of games that previously worked. Around the same time I upgraded to the 388 Nvidia driver, I also upgraded Windows 10 to the "fall creator's edition". This version of Windows broke the way Direct x and windows communicate with each other somehow. The short version is I rolled back to the previous version of windows 10, and now all of my games that had broken 3d, now work great again. So if anyone else has this problem after upgrading windows, it is not the driver, it is Windows 10 itself. Sometimes it just takes walking away, and thinking about the issue, and coming back.